Dhyanidham Temple

In Shri Dhyanyogiji’s Presence

Thousands have made a pilgrimage to Anandi Ma’s Dhyanidham ashram in Nikora India to benefit from the Guru’s love and teachings. Entering through the ashram gate is an otherworldly experience for many. The first thing a visitor sees as he or she moves through the ashram gate is the gorgeous, shimmering white temple shaped like a Shri Yantra that sits at the end of the road, above the Holy Narmada River.

The Nikora temple and ashram are naturally so impressive and majestic. The physical and external impress the mind through the senses. The subtle is several thousand times more powerful…” —Shri Anandi Ma

On the top floor of the temple is Dhyanyogaji’s murti, a Sanskrit word which translates literally as ‘embodiment.’ For many, to sit in meditation in this sacred space is to experience the energy of the Guru vibrating in every atom.

Personal pujas

Devotees can benefit by having pujas and japa performed and offered at the temple by the priest. Pujas bring special blessings for the individual as well as their family.