Dhyanidham Ashram

A spiritually nourishing environment

Anandi Ma created every aspect of the ashram, from the tiniest plant to the magnificent temple, to support the spiritual growth of true seekers.

The ashram is incredibly pleasing to the senses: lush greenery, gorgeous blossoms that seem to grow to great heights seemingly overnight, fire-red sunsets and breathtaking sunrises over the Holy Narmada River, a symphony of songs from countless species of birds, playful chipmunks darting about and monkeys watching from flowering trees, and peacocks announcing themselves throughout the day. One can sit and watch myriad species come and go while simultaneously feeling a deep sense of peace and quiet within.

This precious place is profoundly nourishing on all levels. Ma’s ashram cooks spoil the guests with pure sattvic food that delights the palate and supports spiritual practice. And while it’s lovely to experience external joys of the ashram, the primary goal of such abundant nourishment is spiritual growth, which happens internally, fostered by the wealth of light and love that pervades Dhyanidham.

Find divine peace

Dhyanidham is a spiritual sanctuary for those dedicated to the pursuit of self realization and higher existence. A sacred place so full of divine vibrations that those who visit tend to spontaneously experience peace of mind. It is the perfect haven for those seeking to find inner peace and revive their faith. All are welcome. Devotees and students of this path are especially invited to come for personal retreats and advanced practices.