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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Dhyanyoga Centers. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, feel free to send us a message.

How old is Dhyanyoga Centers?

Dhyanyoga Centers, Inc. non-profit organization was founded in 1977. A few years after Dhyanyogiji left his body in 1994, the Center in Antioch, CA was built as a physical place in America to hold his energy for future generations. Then in 2006, Anandi Ma built the Nikora ashram and temple to establish his energy there.

Where is Dhyanyoga Centers located?

Dhyanyoga Centers has two locations in the world— Ma’s spiritual center in Antioch, California and her ashram in Nikora, India. There are various meditation groups in the US and Europe where you can gather for group meditations, spiritual support and community.

What is offered at each of the locations?

Events, retreats and satsangs with Anandi Ma are offered in the US from mid-March through October, some for devotees and some open to all. Events in India are generally offered from November through January. All events involve practices and teachings from this path.

Is Anandi Ma at the Antioch Center? How can I meet her?

Anandi Ma is in the US for many months out of the year and while in the US she often attends the Sunday morning meditations at Antioch Center so this is a great way to meet her. She offers meditation programs, workshops and retreats when in residence. She also travels to India and Europe. 

Can anyone attend any event?

Some events are for those who have received shaktipat in this lineage, and some are open to all. Certain open events are especially for those interested in this path who have not yet received shaktipat. The schedule notes which events are open to all, and other events will specify what prerequisite is required.

How can I support Anandi Ma's work?

Anandi Ma feeds the hungry and has built a school, clinic and hospital in India. However, supporting spiritual evolution has by far the deepest impact on the soul of the receiver, as well as the giver. Through the DYC General Fund, Anandi Ma sends your donations to support the areas most in need at the time.

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