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Come, sit, meditate and experience your Self

The Infinite is in the form of pure love. Meditate to reach it and you will find infinite love, peace and happiness. — Shri Anandi Ma

Dhyanyogiji’s message was very simple and straightforward: come, sit, meditate, and experience. Just as you can log on the Internet and receive a great deal of information, as you evolve, the truths of life and the truths of yourself will be revealed to you when you meditate.

We are all sparks of a Divine flame

Something in you knows you’re more than your personality, greater than your thoughts, and beyond your beliefs. Kundalini Maha Yoga illuminates this truth— that you are precious energy of the Divine.

Kundalini awakens the spiritual energy that lives inside you. It’s the energy that makes you fully human and reveals your innate divinity.

What is Kundalini Maha Yoga?

The Path

The ancient path of Kundalini Maha Yoga is based on the principle that in every human being there is a source of divine energy. The Sanskrit word for this energy is kundalini, and once activated it ultimately leads us to experience the true Self.

Our Teachers

Dhyanyogjiji was a great saint who walked across India and spent over forty years in near-seclusion to reach his goal to attain spiritual enlightenment. Today his energy continues to work at the subtle level and through his spiritual heir, Anandi Ma.

Dhyanyogiji's Story

In the late 1800s, Shri Dhyanyogi was a barefoot young sadhu searching for God. After years of intense practices, he was inspired to share his spiritual power freely, saying, “My house is on fire. Loot what you can!”

His simple pure love and devotion to the welfare of humankind changed the hearts and lives of the thousands of people he touched.

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Meditate with Ma

On most Sunday mornings, Dhyanyoga Centers streams a live meditation program with Anandi Ma and Dileepji. Join us for chanting, meditation and satsang. Access from anywhere in the world at 10:30 am Pacific Time.

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